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How To Choose The Right Beaverton SEO For The Needs Of Your Small Business

SEO can benefit just about any business that is wanting to drive additional targeted traffic to its website and increase its online presence.  The SEO industry is unfortunately not known for being transparent, and that can be confusing for a business that needs to know exactly what kind of return it will get on its investment. 

Also, there are many renegades within the SEO industry who use black hat techniques to achieve their results.  These techniques go against Google's policies as well as the other major search engine.  You need to ensure that the Beaverton SEO firm you work with will use an only white hat, ethical techniques.

Businesses that unknowingly employ an SEO firm that uses black hat techniques might enjoy some short term results.  However, once Google detects the footprints that these techniques leave behind, they will start seeing negative effects on their rankings in the search engines.  Black hat SEOs provide quick fixes and by this point are usually long gone!

What Is With All Of These Hats?

Black Hat is a term that comes from those old western movies, where the bad guys wear black hats, and the good guys wear white hats.  That is why ethical SEO is often called white hat SEO.  Keep in mind that the bad guys always end up getting what they deserve!

What Should Your SEO Firm Do For Your Business?

Knowing exactly what your SEO is going to do for your business and how they will achieve measurable results for you is very important.  Be very wary of any SEO company that offers guaranteed ranks, since guaranteeing rankings in Google and the other search engines is impossible! 

Any SEO who guarantees results before even knowing which keywords your company wants to target is merely using it as a marketing ploy.  There is no way they could guarantee results if you wanted to compete for keywords such as "Facebook," "Google," or "Apple."

Unless your keyword research is conducted, it is impossible to know how successful an SEO campaign is going to be and the amount of time it will probably take.  SEO is an ongoing process that includes research, analysis, and testing.  There needs to be a lot of careful planning done to identify the very best keywords to target and then put a sound strategy into place to rank highly for these keywords.

On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO

SEO accounts for both off-site and on-site factors. On-site SEO involves analyzing your website.  There are many different factors that need to be looked at including the CSS and HTML that your site is built with, page loading times, the content on the site, use of keywords and the site structure.  The end user benefits from good on-site SEO and is also helps with avoiding any technical "gotchas" that will get you in trouble with the search engines, like duplicate content. 

A good SEO professional like starts off by analyzing your website and then makes recommendations that will help to improve optimization of the site for both the search engines and end users.  Off-site SEO mainly consists of getting relevant backlinks to your site from other websites.

The search engines count each backlink as a vote for your website. Web sites are provided with an authority score that is referred to as Page Rank.  Every time a website links to your site it shares some of its page ranks with your site.  More of the page rank is shared by links from high authority sites compared to lower authority websites.  Links coming into a website are referred to as backlinks.    

Follow or Nofollow?

There are some links that don't carry any authority.  Many links have the no follow attribute attached to them that informs the search engines to not count the backlink as a vote.  Bloggers and webmasters may add the attribute on their own if they don't want their link to count as a vote on an external website it may be added automatically by the platforms that are being used for publishing their content.  This is frequently the case whenever a website allows users to add comments or when there is content that the webmaster doesn't have a lot of control over when it comes to links that site contributors create. 

Links that do not have the no-follow attribute are called "do follow."  The pass page rank to the linked page from your page.  There isn't an actual do follow attribute in HTML. Dofollow occurs by default if there is no follow attribute.  Never use no follow internal links since this will cause whatever page rank that would have been passed with the link to evaporate into thin air!

Where Do You Obtain Links?

Make sure to ask your SEO firm how they are planning to create backlinks for your website.  A good SEO attempts to build up a varied backlink portfolio.  Included in the portfolio should be high-value links occurring in bodies of text like blog posts. Usually, these carry the most page rank.  However, they require the most work as well, and the SEO professional will need to make connections with blog owners and frequently provide them with content.

A good SEO professional will seek out quality links over quantity.  Anybody who promises a lot of links is most likely someone you should avoid.  The search engines love to see natural links.  Having a few high-quality backlinks will go much further compared to some low-quality links.

There are other links strategies that can also be used including commenting on forums and blogs, business directory submissions and using social book marketing sites and social media.

It is best to avoid link exchanges since these are two-way links that don't look like natural backlinks.  Search engines can see the Internet as connected notes and can detect unnatural patterns such as this very easily.

Your Business Needs And Goals

Your SEO professional should speak with you about what the needs and goals of your business are and also attempt to understand your target audience as thoroughly as possible.  If they fail to do that, then most likely they won't end up choosing keywords that attract the right audience or convert for your business.  Extensive keyword research should be conducted, and they should have the ability to identify which keywords bring in the traffic.  If traffic doesn't convert is useless!

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