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Search Engine Optimization Services Agencies In Tualatin, Oregon Should Offer

Some firms only specialize in search engine optimization or solely on link building. Other agencies may offer various packages that range from developing a website to providing ongoing SEO support and maintenance. With that said, there are a few things to look at when analyzing online marketing agencies. Those things include:

1. Keyword Research - Agencies should offer keyword research as part of their services because creating a keyword portfolio is essential. The best companies perform thorough research on keywords, and they will use various techniques to find the best and most relevant keywords for your website. Some techniques may include using keyword research tools, customer feedback and using social media, as well as analyzing your competitors.

2. Search Engine Optimization Strategies - A good Tualatin SEO consultant like PDX SEO will help create an SEO strategy that will result in traffic to your site, improve conversion rates and a good return on investment. The basis of your campaigns will include keyword research and analyze the technical aspect of your site. This will help the professional create a strong marketing plan. 

3. Link Building- Always ask the agency you're considering working with if they implement a link building strategy. Search engines view links to your site to validate your site, but the links must be from trustworthy, credible and authoritative websites. A good SEO company will know how to go about building links in a natural way, and they will only use ethical link building practices.

4. Copywriting - Another SEO service that may be offered at an agency is copywriting. Both On-page and off-page optimization is important in regards to search engine optimization, but it is the second click you have to worry about. The quality of your SEO copywriting can result in high or low bounce rates. A company will help you create copies that can improve your conversions.

5. Web Design - One of the most neglected services is SEO web design. If a consultant is working with a new website, then they should be able to work on your site with SEO in mind. Key design elements can include a content management system, as well as shopping cart software. If you choose the wrong platform, then this could impact your SEO efforts in a negative way.

Those are the services you should ask an SEO agency about, but it is also worth mentioning that it makes more sense to hire a full-service agency because they likely offer the above services, as well as other services. In fact, many agencies may have a team of website designers that can discuss what kind of site you want and then they will build it, but with search engine optimization in mind. Not only that, but a full-service agency will have link building experts, as well as copywriters that can create engaging SEO copies. With that said, all you have to do now is find a good full-service agency to help you take advantage of SEO.