Sunday, January 24, 2016

How To Know If A SEO Agency Is Scamming Me?

Many businesses know the importance of SEO as an important part of their marketing strategy. It is vital to keep websites at the top of the search engines for their specific keywords. Without an SEO strategy, most web pages would never rank and be found by customers.

Most businesses do not have the time to optimize their search engines. Nor do they want to try and figure out the procedure by themselves. With that being said, they will outsource this work to an SEO agency or individual to do the work. However, it can be hard to tell if the agency you hire is doing work or scamming you out of a monthly paycheck.

The following tips will help you determine if you have a solid agency behold you or that you might want to move on.

Payments And Fees

Any company that is not open and willing to discuss their payment and fee structure should be watched. However, with many SEO companies they can not be open about what methods and strategies they plan to employ on your site. So you have to be willing to be in the dark somewhat.

However, that does not mean you need to be willing to hand over a blank check. Many SEO companies offer an option where they will not charge you unless there are proven results for your site. This takes some of the worries out of hiring an SEO company to do work for you.

Getting A Guarantee

There are very few SEO companies who can guarantee a specific ranking for a keyword. However, you should get a basic guarantee that your keyword or phrase will hit a certain spot within a particular time range. If there are no results within that specified time, cut your ties and find a new provider.

Ask For Proof

Every SEO company will have a portfolio of sites that they have been able to rank for keywords. Ask your agency to see some of the results they have achieved in the past. Do not rely on their word, look for these sites and see if they still hold those same rankings. A good agency will keep the same rankings for a client.

Those few tips will help you from getting scammed from an SEO agency in the future. SEO is the new key to success for any business. It is up to you to make sure you find the right agency.

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